Friday, March 16, 2012

It All Started With...F O O D

I can still vividly remember. My friendship with ate Jo started with her warm smile and willingness to join me for  lunch. It was my first week in college. We were lunch mates. I forgot what kind of conversations we had, but I can still remember that smile. All along I thought she was one of the "long term-er" in our campus fellowship, but found out that she was as one of the newbies. The rest is history...

Then, during the time we still have nook in PCU, I find Cherry's personality strong. But the impression was neutralized when we had a Get-To- Know- You chat over meryenda one afternoon at school. Then her welcoming spirit made me comfortable to be friends with her.

Cherry, Ate Jo were my batch mates. Eventually, we became leaders in our campus fellowship. I can say we're soft, fragile ladies but strong- willed, principled and no-nonsense girls. We believe we're beautiful. But we know that Christ in us is the beauty we want others to see.

Food. Such a superficial factor that went along way and our friendship grew. We learned to love each other, understand each other and be patient with one another. We laugh together, we cry together, and sometimes get into trouble together (which gives the excitement). But I am thankful for the openness for one another over snack time ten years ago.  We must never underestimate the possibility of doing small things together. You'll find heart friend, eventually, heart sisters. :)

I guess that's why Jesus sited an example of a Banquet for His return or even the desire for invitation for relationship. He is fond of seeing us being ourselves, enjoying food and His presence. He loves to satisfy us with His friendship and His provision. I thank Him for He is a deeper foundation of the Heart Sisters. This is not limited on us three, but every girl is welcome who welcomes Jesus Christ in her life and welcomes us as her sister. God wants each one to be a part of His family.

His Kingdom and His family. Thank God, heart friendship/ sisterhood  started with F O O D and will last till eternity.---Lorzky.
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